Elevate Bracelet
Elevate Bracelet
Elevate Bracelet
Elevate Bracelet

Elevate Bracelet

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Whether you are in the process of starting a new career, looking for your purpose in life, getting ready to jump off a cliff and make those dreams a reality or are wanting to be more in tune with your intuition and authentic self, our adjustable Elevate bracelet is here to support you in your journey.

During my own personal soul work, I was dreaming of a ritual bracelet collection that was right there with us to remind us of our journey every time we looked at it.  And so the Manifest Series was born.

Each crystal was intuitively selected to help you Elevate to your next level.


☾ K2 gemstone - guides you to your highest path and purpose

☾ Carnelian - courage and self confidence

☾ Moss Agate - the stone of new beginnings 

☾ Labradorite - helps us with change, connecting to intuition and protecting and balancing your aura

☾ Clear Quartz - stone of power and amplifies all other stones and your energy and intentions

☾ Luxe silk tassel 

Adjustable from 5.5" - 7.5"

Need a different size?  Send me a message to see if additional sizes are available 

I put mine on every day, make a little gratitude ritual out of it after my soul work and every time I look at it, I'm reminded of the intentions and manifestations I'm working on.  

Fun tip:  Rub a little essential oil on your silk tassel for some aromatherapy on the go! 

☾  All jewelry and crystals are energy cleansed before shipping